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Shiva Bio-field Protection Pendant - sterling silver or chrome plated

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Bezel and Bale Setting type

Chrome plated


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Each pendant includes an adjustable cord necklace and is to be worn over the solar plexus. An area just below where your frontal ribs meet.

The pendant design is available in a choice of either sterling silver edging (bezel) OR chrome-plated edging (bezel) and makes use of a double-sided ancient Vedic Yantra of specific size and color.

What are the ill-effects of Non-ionizing radiation?

For those looking for scientific proof on the ill-effect of non-ionizing 5G, wifi, etc radiations then please see Emeritus Professor Martin Pall's short 9-minute video here AND read his in-depth 90 page PDF report here
In overview, he cites the following MAJOR Concerns:

  • Lowered fertility & hormonal dysregulation
  • More mental & nervous system diseases
  • Genetic DNA damage, potentially causing some cancers & cell mutations
  • Cardiac effects
  • ALL species whether human, plant, animal, OR insect will suffer oxidative stress, therefore, leading to ill-effects of aging IN ALL SPECIES

There are scores of other researchers who have contributed to this 5G, Wifi debate too with a 2019 video report 'DOCTORS CALL FOR DELAYING DEPLOYMENT OF 5G DUE TO HEALTH RISKS' here.

In short, there is now plenty of research scientists AND Doctors warning against the 5G roll-outs and beyond.
Indeed Emeritus Professor Martin Pall says "The 5G Rollout Is Absolutely Insane."

Harmonization, Subtle energy fields, and Consciousness:

The work of Dr. Korotkov along with many other scientists suggests all life forms emit a measurable yet weak subtle energy field that is bio-photonic and responds to consciousness.

Dr. Emoto's research reveals water structure is affected by intent (conscious & subconscious thoughts and feelings) expressed as spoken or written words.

In the Vedic tradition, the definition of a YANTRA is:

Radiation sensitivity:

This pendant does not absorb radiation so does not require clearing or charging (eg. exposure to sunlight, moonlight, grounding, etc), nor does it accumulate or build an ill-effecting influence over time. The positive harmonizing energetic influence is maintained for the life of the pendant.

Make sure to get your Vitamin A levels checked as this will be a good indicator of whether or not you are being affected.*

If you have any questions regarding this product please email us 
or call Glen F Rees B.Sc., N.D. at our Clinic in Australia at +61 1300 742 583 B/H (Toll-free in Australia).

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (see 'TGA Disclaimer').

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