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Rainbow Divine Dream Catcher Bio-field Space Clearer

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Tune to the 'Dreaming Track' or 'Song lines':

Tune to the gentle, yet powerful Earth ‘Song lines’ that the ancient Original Native Australian peoples ‘Dreaming’ tradition has brought to light, otherwise known as the ‘Dreaming Track’. Songlines, in human terms, are networks equivalent to capillaries & blood vessels believed to energize and offer healing via a distributed electromagnetic energy over the land through underground water bodies and underground water flows.

‘Good dreams knowing their way pass through the dream catcher whilst bad dreams not knowing their way are caught and destroyed at the first light of the morning sun in the east.’

Ayurvedic element resonance: 
Air (Environmental Wellness) & Water (Spiritual Wellness).
Learn more about the 5 Ayurvedic elements & the 4 Pillars of Wellness

Based on the Ancient Native North American spiritual 'Dream-catcher' tool and spiritually inspired by an ancient Vedic 'Weapon of Truth' vehicle symbol, The Rainbow Divine Dream Catcher (DDC) is a divinely inspired 3 dimensional embroidered geometry and has been developed for Home placement as a wellness tool to harmonize the Ayurvedic Air element (Environmental Wellness) & Water element (Spiritual Wellness), but may also be placed in workplace buildings for the same purpose.

Areas of concern that affect the Air element (Environmental Wellness) & the Water element (Spiritual Wellness):

Psychic Attack:

We identify 4 forms of psychic attack which are mental thought-forms of ill-will created from or through either the conscious or subconscious mental motivations of a person or group.*

Geopathic Stress:

Geopathic stress issues develop from faults in the earth's surface below your home, Underground streams or Ore bodies below your home, OR even Earth magnetic field anomalies within your home.
German magnetic field researchers have long discovered that the Earth's magnetic field actually contains a series of ‘grids’ as it were. These grids have become known as the Curry Grid, The Hartman Grid, The 400-meter grid, etc, etc. Evidence indicates Geopathic Stress may affect sleep patterns, moods, and other health-related issues.*

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) / Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR):

This includes electrical field emitting devices, Smart Meters, TVs (especially smart TVs), Baby monitors, computers, modems & wireless internet, mobile phones (3G, 4G & 5G), cell towers, etc.
For those looking for scientific proof on the ill-effect of non-ionizing 5G, wifi, etc radiations then please see Emeritus Professor Martin Pall's short 9-minute video here AND read his in-depth 90 page PDF report here
In overview, he cites the following MAJOR Concerns:

  • Lowered fertility & hormonal dysregulation
  • More mental & nervous system diseases
  • Genetic DNA damage, potentially causing some cancers & cell mutations
  • Cardiac effects
  • ALL species whether human, plant, animal, OR insect will suffer oxidative stress, therefore, leading to ill-effects of aging IN ALL SPECIES

There are scores of other researchers who have contributed to this 5G, Wifi debate too with a 2019 video report 'DOCTORS CALL FOR DELAYING DEPLOYMENT OF 5G DUE TO HEALTH RISKS' here.*

Rainbow DDC Design & Materials:

The Rainbow DDC design and materials are based on multiple variables specially selected and thoroughly tested for the greatest long-term remedying effect. They include the geometry design, size, fully resonant stitch density, stitch tension & a series of 8 exact colours on a specific base fabric. This is why it took 5 months to develop and perfect.

Placement, Songline connection & Earthing:

Your Rainbow Divine Dream Catcher is to be placed inside the North East of your home preferably in a window where it can be exposed to the light of the morning sun daily (indirect sunlight is okay) and where it can be open to (no curtain covering) to the main internal living areas of your home.

Songline connection begins from the moment your Rainbow DDC is placed but generally takes 3 months for full activation. Full instructions are enclosed.

PLEASE NOTE: Songline connection requires proper electrical earthing. Please ensure the electric wiring system of your home (or the building where your Rainbow DDC will be placed) is electrically earthed properly before placement. All buildings should be well earthed, but sometimes they are not and this can not only cause electrical issues but also ill-effect health. Please check with your local electrician if you are unsure. Your home may require a simple fix using affordable earthing rods that are driven down into the ground and connected to the building's electrical meter box, available from most hardware stores. The quality of a buildings electrical earthing can also be affected by the type of soil your home is built upon and may require extra long rods (eg. sandy soil may not provide adequate earthing, especially in dry conditions).*

If you have any questions regarding this product please email us 
or call Glen F Rees B.Sc., N.D. at our Clinic in Australia at +61 1300 742 583 B/H (Toll-free in Australia).

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (see 'TGA Disclaimer').

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